December 27, 2009

A List of Blogs I'll Be Reading in 2010

Before we ring in the New Year I thought I would take a moment to share and celebrate some of the Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness blogs that I look forward to following. These blogs have already taught me so much and have welcomed Mending Hands into their community just a few short months ago.

December 15, 2009

Anatomy In Motion

Earlier this week Mografi released Night Light NYC (a beautiful iPhone/iPod touch app that shows you the changing colors of the Empire State Building and the meanings behind them) and with the launch of this app some more projects were unveiled...

December 13, 2009

And the winner is.....

The Housing Works Raffle has come at last!

THANK YOU for buying tickets to support this amazing cause and for helping raise money for this holiday donation. BIG THANKS to The Feisty Redhead, Brooklyn Flavors, Mary Kay,  Little Bean Embroidery, Jenna Esposito, Chocolove and Barnes and Noble for donating all the loot to give back too!

Click to see the winners!

December 05, 2009

A List of End of Term Shenanigans!

1. Monday, December 7th - Palpation II Final

2. Tuesday, December 8th - Anatomy & Physiology II Test

3. Thursday, December 10th - Sports Massage & Tools of Assessment Practical & Written Final

4. Sunday, December 13th - Drawing for the Housing Works Raffle!

5.  Monday, December 14th - Swedish II Practical Final

6. Wednesday, December 16th - Anatomy & Physiology II Final

7. Friday, December 18th - Shiatsu Final

I've always had respect for Licensed Massage Therapists - but looking at these next 2 weeks, I respect their time, effort, dedication and love for healing the human body even more. LMT's have a lot to be proud of - and I'm excited to be almost one term closer to officially joining their team!

December 02, 2009

Monthly Essentials: December

Peppermint seems to be an obvious choice for the Mending Hands December Essential! But when I started my research, I learned that the benefits from this hybrid between the watermint and spearmint go far beyond the obvious!

November 30, 2009

The Feisty Redhead donates to the Housing Works Raffle

December 1st is World AIDS Day and The Feisty Redhead is donating this brilliant eco friendly red bracelet for Mending Hands Housing Works Raffle!

In their own words: Housing Works is committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. And the The Feisty Redhead invites you to join our fundraiser on World AIDS Day give a little to help a lot. Plus you have a chance to win one of these amazing gifts - just in time for the holidays!
Make a Donation  - Only $6 a raffle ticket! Click on the Donation Button - and let me know in your Pay Pal Comments what your top two prize picks will be.  The drawing will be on December 13th. Check out the details of all the prizes: Brooklyn Flavors, Mary Kay,  Little Bean Embroidery, Jenna Esposito, Chocolove and Barnes and Noble too!

November 29, 2009

Hot Shiatsu Elements: Metal

 Contributed by Sarah
The first element I learned (and as it turns out is very much related to my personality) is Metal. I chose to start off with this element not only because of its significance to me personally, but also the fact that the season it is associated with is Autumn. The meridians associated with Metal are Lung and Large Intestine.

Characteristics of a Metal Type (according to The Swedish Institute Shiatsu Workbook):

Body Type:   
Walks Deliberately
Strong Voice
Light, Clear, Dry Skin
Oval face
Broad shoulders
Strongly built body

Likes ceremony/discipline

Lung and Large Intestine

Stay posted for exploration of the individual Meridians Functions, Associations and Health Representaions in Meridian of the Month!

November 24, 2009

Expressing Gratitude

Dear Readers, 
Thank you all for reading Mending Hands over the past few months! Thank you for spreading the Massage Therapy love in over 25 countries and coming back for more news and info about the world of body work. Thank you for continuing to grow the supportive community that Mending Hands is so grateful to be a part of! We wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving and look forward to celebrating All Things Massage after this weekend's events!
You Friends at Mending Hands

November 23, 2009

Spa Scoop: Bunya Citi Spa

Bunya Citi Spa is just on the edge of Soho and I was more than happy to hop on the subway after class to be their guest for a Thai Massage with an Oriental Herbal Compress!   This place of pleasure and peace welcomed me with - in their own words "exotic therapies, and philosophies from around the world, a series of specially designed encompassing Chinese, Ayuredic, European, Balinese, Oriental and Native American beliefs and practice...whilst the therapist creates a tailor-made experience." Normally, I wouldn't just pull from a websites text - except I found that this claim is wonderfully true!

Type: Thai Massage with an Oriental Herbal Compress
Time: 60 Minutes
Price: $120

Details of my session at the Bunya Citi Spa continue...

November 22, 2009

Barnes and Noble donates to the Housing Works Raffle

The Park Slope Barnes and Noble just let us know that they are supporting the Mending Hands Housing Works Raffle by sending a paperback copy of  Brooklyn Storefronts by Paul Lacy! I love this book...Love, Love, LOVE this book!

A colorful celebration of New York’s wonderfully diverse and popular borough. What do the Bari Pork Store (King of the Sausage), the Los Doctores Tires Shop, the Great Eagle Photo Company, and the St. Jude Religious Articles shops have in common? If you were Paul Lacy, they would be among the hundreds of storefronts you photographed on bicycle trips throughout Brooklyn. Over the years Lacy has managed to capture every conceivable type of shop, decorated with spectacular and wildly varied signs and displays and representing countless ethnic groups. A more colorful array of graphics, both amateur and professional, is unimaginable. Brooklyn’s storefronts are a vibrant canvas that reflects the changing trends and distinct character of this dynamic community. You don’t have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy this book—playful while documenting a fast-changing scene, it transcends geography to speak to anyone with an interest in urban culture.

Make a Donation  - Only $6 a raffle ticket! The drawing for these prizes will be on December 13th. Check out the details of all the prizes: Brooklyn Flavors, Mary KayLittle Bean Embroidery, Jenna Esposito and Chocolove!

November 20, 2009

Mary Kay donates to the Housing Works Raffle

A very generous Mary Kay  rep has offered up $150 worth of products for the Mending Hands for Housing Works Raffle! Tickets are just a CLICK away! Only $6 an entry! All money raised will go to fight the duel crisis of Homelessness and AIDS through Housing Works. This gift basket includes the following: 

TimeWise® Miracle Set
Satin Lips® Set (Mask and Balm)
Satin Hands® Pampering Set
Mary Kay® Energizing Lotion For Feet & Legs - Mint Bliss 

 Make a Donation before December 13th and get a chance to win some of this awesome loot! Check out the details for more prizes from Brooklyn Flavors, Little Bean Embroidery, Jenna Esposito and Chocolove!

November 17, 2009

Welcome to Hot Shiatsu!

Contributed by Sarah

You may be asking yourself, “What is this HOT SHIATSU that you speak of!?” Hot Shiatsu is where I will bringing you information that will intrigue, inform, and inspire you to try Shiatsu Massage. To learn from it and about it. Share with others what you find.  As you probably know from reading my bio, I am currently a student, so as I learn, I hope you do too, and in teaming up with Melissa, I hope to open up a dialog of sorts about not just Shiatsu, but alternative medicine as a whole.

There is a lot to learn, and as I have come to find, learning is best done in numbers.

Let’s get on the same page first.
What is Shiatsu?

November 15, 2009

Good Body Mechanics - The Rub Down

Earlier today we were having a bit of an Autumn tidy in our Park Slope apartment - Taking out recycling, vacuuming rugs, putting away the clean laundry - then there was a face off with the stove top. I put on my silly purple rubber gloves and had a moment of realization - this was the kind "regular life" moment to take note of and incorporate my Massage Therapy Body Mechanics! Proper Body Mechanics make all the the difference in the longevity of a massage therapy career. Taking care of your body as a LMT isn't limited to just when doing massage. The truth is - I was frictioning my stove - is there a better time to enforce the habit of using Good Body Mechanics?

Save Your Hands defines Good Body Mechanics in three main concepts: Breathing, Posture and Movement.

November 12, 2009

Brooklyn Flavors donates to the Housing Works Raffle

Mending Hands loves being based in Brooklyn and we love that fellow BK company Brooklyn Flavors is donating an insanely awesome collection of products for our Housing Works Raffle!

Named after iconic Brooklyn places, these home made natural body treats are a fabulous prize! $6 to charity gets you the chance to sample the Body Souffles - in what scent?


Bed-Stuy - A blend of sandalwood, jasmine, cedarwood and patchouli fragrance oils.
Brownstone - A blend of Cedarwood, Jasmine, gardenia and vanilla fragrance oils.
Canarsie Cookie - freshly baked sugar cookies with butter cream frosting, with vanilla extract.
Church Avenue - A fruity blend of mango, pineapple, papaya and jasmine.
Clinton Hills - A sweet delicious blend of pears, raspberries and strawberries.
Fort Greene Tea - A citrus blend of fruits and mint.
Kensington - A blend of lavender essential oils, vanilla, almond and patchouli fragrance oils.
Mobay Punch - (named for Montego Bay Jamaica) A mouth-watering island mix of coconut, pineapple, and vanilla.
Park Slope - A floral mix of lavender, rose, gardenia and jasmine.
Red Hook - A juicy mix of sweet berries, peaches, strawberries, oranges, coconuts and vanilla.

Because Brooklyn Flavors believes in generosity and hopes to inspire you as well - they are throwing in a  handmade soy candle too!

 Make a Donation before December 13th and get a chance to win these amazing gifts form Brooklyn Flavors, Little Bean Embroidery, Jenna Esposito and Chocolove!

Please include you name, contact information and even though the winners will be drawn randomly please add your first and second choices!

Chocolove donates to the Housing Works Raffle

Chocolove has donated FIVE of their signature delicious chocolate bars to the Mending Hands Raffle for Housing Works! Time to spread the sweet news!

Think about $6 to charity could win you Raspberries in Dark Chocolate, Ginger Chrystallized in Dark Chocolate, Chillies and Cherries in Dark Chocolate, Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate AND Toffee & Almond in Milk Chocolate!

Let alone all the other prizes we that have been pouring in for this great cause! You have December 13th to click the Make a Donation button to win $25 of custom cuteness from Little Bean Embroidery a copy of  13 Men and MeTo Connie...Love, Jenna - and a PAIR of tickets to Jenna Esposito's LIVE show at Metropolitan Room!

Please include you name, contact information and even though the winners will be drawn randomly please add your first and second choices!

November 11, 2009

Little Bean Embroidery donates to the Housing Works Raffle

Mending Hands welcomes Little Bean Embroidery to the Housing Works raffle! They have lovingly given us a $25 Gift Certificate that can be used for ANY of their custom made adorable products - and with the drawing being December 13th it is just in time for truly personal holiday gift!

One entry is $6 on Pay Pal - Just click the Make a Donation button and enter your chance to win this Little Bean Embroidery Gift Certificate, a copy of  13 Men and MeTo Connie...Love, Jenna - and a PAIR of tickets to Metropolitan Room donated by Jenna Esposito! Please include you name, contact information and even though the winners will be drawn randomly, feel free to add your first and second choices!

More prizes on the way!
And the more the merrier! Have something special you want to raffle off for Housing Works - Let us know at:

Jenna Esposito donates to the Housing Works Raffle

Mending Hands is reaching out to our community to see who wants to help out with donations to Housing Works!

And guess what? We have a raffle!

Jenna Esposito will be raffling off a copy of debut album 13 Men and Me AND her follow up (with blessing from Connie Francis herself!)  To Connie...Love, Jenna - but that's not all! This generous talent is giving Mending Hands the go ahead to raffle off a PAIR of tickets to one of Jenna's upcoming LIVE shows at the world renowned Metropolitan Room!

How to enter?

November 08, 2009

Meeting of the Massage Minds: Rachel Beider

I visited Massage Williamsburg for a full body massage with owner Rachel Beider just a short while ago. Luckily for me, Rachel then took the time to speak with me over some delicious good-for-you food! I learned that Rachel graduated from the Swedish Institute a few short years ago. Her business has grown quickly and her enthusiasm for being a Massage Therapist blooms bigger as well! Before we even sat down at our table she was ready and willing for me to pick her brain and soak up whatever she had to offer...

November 06, 2009

A List of Good Things!

1. Saturday is my last day at the Public Clinic at the Swedish Institute for this term. So far, I have a had a wonderful experience working with many members of the public. Practicing with many bodies, who have different wants and needs, and learned a great deal from each client that took the time to come in!

2. Last week I had a final in Neurology and a Midterm in Tools of Assessment - all went well! We have moved on to Anatomy and Physiology II - plus Intro to Sports Massage. Lots of new material, lots of great things to add to my massage therapy knowledge for when I get out there as an LMT! Swedish II and Shiatsu continue to be highlights of my school week too!

3. Great News! I let the wonderful folks as Housing Works know about the Mending Hands Pledge to them this holiday season - and have a meeting with the Housing Works Book Store Manager next week! As soon as I know how Housing Works and Mending Hands will be working together, I will be sure to let you guys know! I am still hoping to do some more fund raising with local businesses who might want to join in the Giving Back to this amazing organization. So if you know anyone who might want to host some Chair Massages for Charity at their next wine tasting, cocktail hour, book club or social gathering -  send them to Mending Hands! Anyone who wants to partner up with us in the support of this Housing Works donation will be welcomed with open arms! (Mending Hands is based in Park Slope, Brooklyn - but don't think that cancels out any other borough venues!)

November 04, 2009

Congrats nyacutherapy!

Mending Hands wants to take a moment to celebrate Justin Coletti of nyacutherapy!

He's added more Massage Therapy Services - and wants to bring them to the comfort of your home! Including: Acupressure/Chinese Medical, Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Sports and Pregnancy Massage.

Awesome Website HERE!
New Blog - HERE! (that we here at Mending Hands will be following)

While Justin continues to pursue his Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herbs - he continues his work of healing with a pricelist set so that everyone can get the relief they need. nyacutherapy has been a supporter of Mending Hands from the start, and I was honored to receive his  work. See his details in both Spa Scoop AND Meeting of the Massage Minds!

November 02, 2009

Giving Back: Housing Works!

This holiday season, in lieu of traditional gifts, I am hoping to give the skills I am learning in return for donations. I am reaching out to some very awesome companies in my community to partner up with Mending Hands - by giving us a venue to offer 10 minute chair massages (with proper LMT supervision!) as a fundraiser for a donation to Housing Works!

Read more about Housing Works and how you can help if you want to!

November 01, 2009

Monthly Essentials: November

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean area - but is widely in other parts of the world. The plant takes it's name from a Latin term meaning "sea dew." It's an evergreen shrub with small pale blue flowers. But it is the leaves and twigs that are used to draw the healing oil. Not only had Rosemary been shown to prevent aging of the brain and enhance memory -  and according to The oil is also used externally as a rubefacient and is added to liniments as a fragrant stimulant. Sometimes known as Hungary Water - used for outward application to renovate the vitality of paralyzed limbs.  It was first invented for a Saint Elisabeth, Queen of Hungary -  who was said to have been completely cured by its continued use!

And that's just the tip of the Rosemary Twig! A whole LONG list of other possible uses are just a jump away!

October 29, 2009

Welcome Sarah!

Mending Hands is proud to present a new Contributing Writer!

Not only do we have a new author on board - but she's heading up a brand new feature. Sarah will be the sole proprietor of Hot Shiatsu! Celebrating and exploring all things Shiatsu Massage - Exclusively on Mending Hands. But before we release the first Hot Shiatsu post - lets hear more from the lady herself!

October 28, 2009

October 25, 2009

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week is here!

The AMTA kicks off National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Today through October 31st!

I feel like this week is not getting enough support. In fact this was the first time I was a little disappointed when researching who might be celebrating this week and how. I know. It's not pleasant to admit, but I take that as a challenge! I say this because not only should this week be about informing, promoting, teaching and exploring the many aspects of Massage Therapy to clients - It should be about celebrating each other as a Massage Therapy community. It's a wonderful reason for all those LMT's out there to step outside of their own box of therapy and become more aware of some of the Massage Therapy that is offered by different people, different cultures and different beliefs about the body. With a modality as old as massage you have a lot of ways to learn and discover! A list to get your started is one click away...

October 23, 2009

A List of Weekend Plans!

Just a little update on my journey to becoming a Massage Therapist!

1. Tonight I am headed to my first Off-Site Clinic Massage! I am heading up to Mount Sinai Medical Center to spend a few hours massaging the Emergency Room staff. It's going to be exciting to give back to those who are in a constant state of helping others. Plus, get some great hands on learning to become a better chair massage practitioner!

2.  Next week harbors my Neurology Final and my Tools of Assessment Midterm! So there will be a whole lot of studying (and less blogging...but I'll be back in action once I ace my exams!)

3. Saturday I have my second session with the Swedish Institute's on site Clinic. I had my first assignment a few weeks ago, working with two clients back to back! The first, being a wonderful experience - the body that trusted me to learn from was very different than the body types I have been practicing with thus far. I hope to be able to help any one with any kind of body that comes to me - so Clinic is helping both my head and my hands. The second was a test to my professionalism. The next client was proof that in the massage therapy field - you must be client centered, even if you find that client to have the kind of personality or demeanor that might not make it so easy. It's a modality where all people are welcome to seek health and healing. So a therapist has to be ready to deal with many kinds of personalities that will come their way.

It's a big weekend for me! Lot's of massage, lots of new people and lots of studying to do to keep me full steam ahead! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

October 20, 2009

Shared Learning - Shirley Vanderbilt

I came across this article about the amazing research that is being done about how Massage Therapy is paving a new way for children with Autism to connect with the people around them. It shows that touch therapy also helps with relaxation, sleep, focus and even helped debunked the long-held belief that autistic children are incapable of forming attachment.

Massage Therapy for Autistic Children - The Touch Research Institute’s Results By Shirley Vanderbilt Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, February/March 2003. Copyright 2003. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.
Autism is a brain disorder, usually diagnosed by age 2, in which the child fails to develop language and normal social interaction skills. Withdrawal from social contact and aberrant behavior are common. Within the classroom, educators have used behavior modification, structured settings and social skills conditioning with minimal effect. And in the home, some parents have tried the gamut of treatments, conventional and alternative, in an attempt to restore what many experts postulate may be a permanently damaged brain. Moderate success has been achieved with vitamin B6 supplements, sometimes resulting in improvement in speech, behavior and physiological measures.4

Clinical trials have also shown massage therapy as a viable complementary treatment positively impacting some of the characteristic behaviors of autism.

October 19, 2009

Massage by Machine?

Our flight back home last night was delayed, which gave me a some time to do two things - One: Study for tomorrow's Neurology quiz and Two: Flip through the newest edition of the Sky Mall Catalog! I could not believe how many machines, electronics and battery operated gadgets (claiming to massage!) that were available to for these fliers to choose from. Most the them seemed pretty hilarious...

October 16, 2009

The Walrus on My Table: Touching True Stories of Animal Healing Anthony Guglielmo, Cari Lynn

This weekend we are headed to Chicago and during the visit we are checking out the famous Shedd Aquarium -  this reminded me that I have been meaning to share this great book on Mending Hands!

Anthony Guglielmo, LMT -  is a graduate of the Swedish Institute and when my Swedish II teacher excitedly told us about his book The Walrus on My Table: Touching True Stories of Animal Healing  - I marched strait home and ordered it!

The Walrus on My Table is the delightful journey of Anthony Guglielmo - who was asked to learn Equine Massage for one of his patient's horses. That lead to dog, cat, ferret, walrus, penguin, dolphin and even shark massage! Each chapter talks about how massage helped these animals enormously with a many number of issues. He also talks about how much he learned from then in return! It's a quick, fun and heartfelt read - I suggest you check it out!

October 15, 2009

AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week!

The AMTA is hosting the  National Massage Therapy Awareness Week starting October 25 - 31! AMTA members, schools, and chapters across the country celebrate AMTA’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week by educating consumers on the importance of massage. Also to raise public awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massage, encouraging Americans to seek massage therapy for stress relief, pain management and general health!

I've read about how the AMTA is supporting their members to celebrate National Massage Therapy Awareness Week -  by suggesting public massage demonstrations, educational sessions on the benefits of massage and providing massage therapy for charitable events.

What are you doing to to promote Massage Therapy and National Massage Therapy Awareness week?

E-mail me!
I'd love to celebrate your efforts on Mending Hands!

October 12, 2009

Spa Scoop: Yelo

Yelo may be known as "the napping place" but let me make it clear - Yelo offers their visitors a unique body, mind and spirit experience that is so much more than just a few moments of shut eye! This place is styled and poised - and when I was invited to have a treatment with Head Therapist Anna Crean-Weiner, I learned that Yelo really is a dream of a place that connects with each person that takes the time to feel better. I saw that Yelo thrives by being sophisticated and welcoming, detailed and patient. Yelo also makes it clear that providing options is what makes a session perfectly designed to the individual. They offer choices in a way that's exciting - not intimidating. During my session with Anna, I also learned that this sanctuary of relaxation has healing energy at the very heart of it all! From the minute I was welcomed into their world, I knew that Yelo is dedicated to helping You be a better You!

October 11, 2009

Spa Week! October 12 - 18 in NYC!

Tomorrow Spa Week begins! Selected treatments at participating Spa's are up for the enjoying at a price of $50! This is the week you should go out and try something new! Get a massage that incorporates Shiatsu! Go for some Reiki! Why not try Reflexology and see how much of an impact that kind of Touch can have on you!

You can find the list of places and what they have on offer HERE!
Feel free to let me know of any place you are trying out and how your experience was!

Might I recommend trying out the next place to be featured in Spa Scoop? Because it really was a phenomenal adventure!

25 Min Massage or Reflexology Session followed by 20 Min Power Nap
25 Min Massage or Reflexology Session with a 20 Min Mini Peel Facial
25 Min Massage or Reflexology Session with a 20 Min Limoncello or Hot Chocolate Foot Scrub

October 09, 2009

Expressing Gratitude

Remember when the Universe is generous and put amazing friends in my life? A few weeks ago a small parcel came to my apartment escorted by the UPS man. It had my name on it. Which was already a surprise. So image how happy I was when I opened it to find three new bottles of massage oil! One of my best buddies sent me this gift as a sign of support - and that is so wonderful of her!

I am very thankful for this kind of encouragement and will proudly use this gift of Grapeseed, Apricot and Sesame Seed oil blend for my first Clinic Dates at the Swedish Institute tomorrow!

October 08, 2009

Monthly Essentials: October

Mending Hands Proudly Presents a new segment - Monthly Essentials! I'm learning all about the health benefits of Essential Oils so I'm decided to feature a new one each month. Using The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy - By Valerie Ann Worwood as my guide, I hope to pass along some helpful hints about these natural helpers of health!

October's Monthly Essential is....

October 06, 2009

Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge

The AMTA announced the first draft of the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge is available to the to be read, reviewed and reacted to. They are asking those in the Massage Therapy field to check it out and send in your comments.  I went to the Project Blog to find out more.This profession-wide effort to unify and articulate a common body of knowledge for the Massage Therapy profession is a collaboration of the following organizations:

American Massage Therapy Association
AMTA Council of Schools
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals 
Massage Therapy Foundation
Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork 

These communities agree that the LMT "Profession is at a key stage in its development"  The group wants to "Develop and adopt across the massage therapy profession a living resource of competencies, standards and values that inform and guide the domains of practice, licensure, certification, education, accreditation and research."

They will focus on the following topics:

October 05, 2009

Congrats Tour de Pink!

Yesterday I joined the American Massage Therapy Association who massaged the participants of Hershey's Tour de Pink! These riders conquered  220 Miles in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness for the  Young Survival Coalition in less than 3 days!  After they arrived to NYC all the way from Hershey, PA - the generous Massage Therapists had tables up and ready to make sure these charitable athletes got the body work they very much deserved.This was the first post sports event massage session I have ever been a part of and I left the hotel where the bikers had lined up to receive their massage exhausted from even watching all of the techniques used on these grateful bodies!

October 03, 2009

Yelo's Breast Cancer Awareness!

I had a conversation with Michael Hazel the Director of Operations at Yelo - the amazing spa that offers busy city people a combination of power naps, reflexology and full body massage treatments in the heart of New York City. I am proud and excited to announce that Yelo has reached out to support Mending Hands and I will be reporting my experience with their state-of-the-art YeloCabsTM as well as a massage treatment with Anna Crean-Weiner, Yelo's Lead Therapist soon!

What I wanted to pass along early...

October 02, 2009

Spa Scoop: Massage Williamsburg

Massage Williamsburg is nestled in that ever popular neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. As I hopped off the L train feeling the cold chill of the weather that had just turned on us - I was more than ready for an hour of relaxing massage! What I found at Massage Williamsburg was not only a warm calming experience, but the perfect blend of comprehensive body work and pampering!

September 30, 2009

A List of Things Coming Up!

A list of things to come on Mending Hands for the Month of October!

1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This Sunday, I am off to lend a hand along side the AMTA to help with a grateful rubdown on the participants of 200+ mile ride for Hershey's Tour de Pink! Check out the details with the Young Survival Coalition HERE!

2. Last night, I was given a beautifully skilled massage by Rachel Beider, LMT - Owner of Massage Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Her massage will soon be featured in Spa Scoop followed by a post of the delightfully enthusiastic conversation we had in Meeting of the Massage Minds. Let me just say, that this Massage Therapist and entrepreneur has a lot to be proud of - she is doing not only her clients, but the Massage Therapy profession a great deal of good!

3. I have my Swedish Institute Clinic Dates! It's the first time in our training where we are having the experience to work our relaxing massage skills on the public. I am very much looking forward to this part of school - So I hope to have fun or at least interesting notes to share with as I complete my sessions.

4. I just had a massive book shopping spree - so there will more more random facts and info to pass along as I continue my extra curricular learning!

5. Spa Week is coming up!

September 28, 2009

Giving Back: Hershey's Tour de Pink

This Sunday I will be joining the American Massage Therapy Association to celebrate (massage, relax and rejuvenate!) the participants of Hershey's Tour de Pink! This is an amazing event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Young Survival Coalition. The YSC is the premier international organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women and breast cancer. Sponsored by Hershey's - this bike ride starts in Hershey, PA and travels over 200 miles to end right here in New York City! Each rider raises at least $2,500 to hop on their bike and spread awareness, support research and create a strong community - built on quality and quantity for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under.

I just found out that I am being welcomed by the AMTA as a student volunteer - so even thought I will have a small role to play in the event, I know that I will be learn so much from this group of giving LMT's. Breast Cancer Awareness is such an important cause, filled with giant hearts - and I consider myself honored to be able to lend a hand!

September 27, 2009

Spa Scoop: Yan Mei Foot Reflexology

In the name of World Reflexology Week - I took my tired toes out and got my Qi moving again at Yan Mei Foot Reflexology! They don't have a website, but I'm happy to share their info!

The Yan Mei Foot Reflexology Center
158 Mott Street (between Broome and Grand)
Open 7 days a Week - 10am to 10pm (which is great for after work - and trust me, this feels better than any happy hour I have ever been to!)

September 24, 2009

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat: And Other Clinical Tales

I had just finished a book (The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky) and was about to get on the subway last week with nothing but my Neurology notes to keep me company. I scanned the joint bookcase in my apartment trying to see what I could borrow and The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat jumped out. I had heard of it, but never read it - nor could I quite place where this title had be suggested to me before. Little did I know that when I cracked it open as a break from studying for my first Neurology test, that this wonderfully witty and heartwarming collection of tales is actually written by an English neurologist! Oliver Sacks published this informative and amusing book in 1989. It is comprised of describing the case histories of some of his patients in a collection that breaks down into 24 stories. These stories are grouped into sections that deal with a particular aspect of brain function. Thus far, it has been a delightful - and perfectly timed - addition to my subway reading! It's been great to learn about Neurology in class, then get on the train to read the many ways people can deal with afflictions, and at times triumph over one Neurological deficiency with the healing potential of another Neurological energy!

The best part? The tales are told in a way that even if you aren't in the middle of this kind of science course, you can learn a lot just by reading how strong and creative people can when they truly want to heal and live their best life!

September 23, 2009

Giving Back: C.H.A. Holistic Health Fair

Last night I had my first time volunteering as a Massage Therapy student and the experience was wonderful! I donated my time to the Community Heath Action of Staten Island Holistic Health Fair and when I arrived I was shown to a room where two LMT's were set up. I was using my new chair, so my addition to the body work was more relaxation, circulation and release oriented. Jim, of Multicare Therapy Center in New Jersey, worked with a table to help alignment, pain and some of the more meaningful issues with each new body that walked in for relief. The other table belonged to a woman who was practicing Shiatsu as her gift to the event. Many others were there to offer their efforts in the areas of Acupressure, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance - as well as Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Screenings. The participants signed up for the treatments of their choice and enjoyed a giant spread of food too!

I just wanted to share a few things that I will take away from this first leap out to Giving Back as a Massage Therapist...

September 21, 2009

Happy World Reflexology Week!

This is the week that the global community supports, celebrates and spreads the word about this wonderful healing practice! The Association of Reflexologists in the UK has a great site that provides us with more information about Reflexology. The have research on some common ailments that Reflexology is used to treat - even providing fact sheets for more details on the following issues! Please check them out for more details:

Allergies - Fact sheet

Back Pain - Fact sheet

Cancer - Fact sheet

Digestive system - Fact sheet

Headache - Fact sheet

Musculoskeletal - Fact sheet

Neurological Problems -Fact sheet

Pregnancy - Fact sheet

Reproductive System - Fact sheet

Skin Problems - Fact sheet

Stress & Anxiety - Fact sheet

Urinary System - Fact sheet

September 16, 2009

Expressing Gratitude

For today's post - just something I'm excited about and wanted to share!

Thanks to someone in my very generous support system (I won't name names, just know that I'm very blessed!) I received a Portable Massage Chair last night! I plan to use it for the first time when I go to Volunteer next Tuesday the 22nd at the Community Heath Action of Staten Island Health Fair! It's also going to be wonderful to have when I go out to infiltrate some New York offices with my hard learned massage skills!

David Palmer, co-developer of the first massage chair and founder of the TouchPro Institute in San Francisco says: Most office-related physical symptoms can be attributed to loss of circulation. Tight muscles caused by stress and sitting behind a desk all day, especially at a work station that is not ergonomically designed, can impede blood and lymph flow through the body. The result is mental fogginess, decreased energy and susceptibility to repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome.Chair massage counters the circulatory problems inherent with office work—and provide a appreciated break for employees. Sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves strain on the neck and provides a gentle respite for eyes usually glued to a computer monitor. Even 15 minutes of massage to the neck, back, arms and hands can increase circulation, returning energy levels and helping keep the body injury free.

Wahoo for more ways to help give people the relief they need!

September 13, 2009

The Rub Down VII

Today I have a few people coming over to be my homework! I'm doing a session for Tools of Assessment - Hip muscle length tests and stretches. I also plan to lead them in a session of Makko Ho Exercises. Makko Hos are a way for the individual to work on their own flow of energy and Qi. They are used to rejuvenate the legs, correctly align the hips and spine, stimulate blood flow, sensitize the nervous system, and increase flexibility as well. We learned at least one combination of moves for each of the Shiatsu Elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The positions that these movements use work with the location and direction of the associated Meridians. The elements house the meridians as follows (with a link to the instructions for each Makko Ho):

Fire - Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Energizer (similar to the Immune System)
Earth - Spleen and Stomach
Metal - Lung and Large Intestine
Water - Kidney and Bladder
Wood - Liver and Gall Bladder

There is a Yin and a Yang partner for each of the elements, and doing a Makko Ho designed for the Element can bring them back into balance with each other. Its also a great way to wake your whole body up for a long day of studying!

September 09, 2009

Meeting of the Massage Minds: Justin Coletti

Justin Coletti has been been a student of Martial Arts since he was a child. So his interest and respect for Eastern disciplines had roots planted before he even knew what he was going to do with them! He entered the Massage Therapy program at the New York College of Health Professions in order to continue his education for a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. I sat down with him to see what I could learn from his adventures as an LMT thus far.