December 27, 2009

A List of Blogs I'll Be Reading in 2010

Before we ring in the New Year I thought I would take a moment to share and celebrate some of the Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness blogs that I look forward to following. These blogs have already taught me so much and have welcomed Mending Hands into their community just a few short months ago.

Punkie Spelts’ Massage Therapy Blog: Massage modalities, techniques and methodologies.

Fingertips: Tips, Pointers and Information for Improved Health and Wellness

well and good nyc: Your digital dose of wellness

Massage Williamsburg: Balance your life

Do YOU have a blog that would be a perfect addition? I'd love to join in with your readers! Are you following any that are a great contribution to the Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness Community? I would love to have your suggestions for my weekly reading.


  1. Great list of recommendations. I've been looking for some more holistic/wellness blogs to follow. I've just started my holistic blog ( and I'm sure these recommendations will offer lots of inspiration!

  2. Yes! I WILL and (have been) following your new blog. Sarah is studying reflexology and makes a great read from across the pond!


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