September 27, 2009

Spa Scoop: Yan Mei Foot Reflexology

In the name of World Reflexology Week - I took my tired toes out and got my Qi moving again at Yan Mei Foot Reflexology! They don't have a website, but I'm happy to share their info!

The Yan Mei Foot Reflexology Center
158 Mott Street (between Broome and Grand)
Open 7 days a Week - 10am to 10pm (which is great for after work - and trust me, this feels better than any happy hour I have ever been to!)

15 minutes: $12
30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $30
90 minutes: $45

I will urge you in advance - Tip Well! These practitioners work very hard and know exactly what they are doing!

Type: Reflexology of the Feet
Time: 60 Minutes
Price: $30

Sight: Exactly what I expected. This is a place where you go for Reflexology - not frills. The lobby is small and decorated with licenses, certifications, an AMTA sticker and a great map of Reflexology labeled in both English and Chinese. You wait on benches, with other patrons shoes perched underneath, and can flip through some imported magazines if you want. The treatment area is separated into a few smaller rooms which you will share with fellow reflexology receivers.

Sound: No music, but on a quiet street - it's not really a minus. Just the sound of people being worked on, snuggled in their comfortable chairs beside you.

Smell: This place has a faint scent of Eucalyptus - cooling and sweet.

Taste: You are offered tea and water. I had to wait a little when I got there (which is my fault! I didn't make an appointment as I didn't know when my class would end, so walk ins do have to wait) I had a cup of tea before my treatment and a glass of water following.

Touch: Wow. First off - let me start by saying I'm going to make this place a part of my health plan. I had never had Reflexology before - foot rubs? Sure. Some foot work in my Swedish and Shiatsu Classes - yeah! But Reflexology is a new level on intensity! They set you down in a big comfy chair and bring you feet a warm Chinese Herbal bath. I'll be honest in saying that I am still trying to figure out what herbs were in this soak, but whatever it was - it was very relaxing. You have the option to get your back and neck worked on while you are dipping your toes, or to just settle in for the Reflexology experience. After about 5 minutes, Linda (my practitioner and wife of the owner) dried off my feet, covered my legs with a towel and began my treatment. One of the first things I became aware of was how in reflexology - your feet really do have a map! Linda followed this guide with the confidence and strength of a true professional. There were moments when the treatment was just wonderful, like certain parts of my feet melted in joy at her touch. But there were other areas I found to be surprisingly painful! I made a note to look up these areas to see what issues were represented. Reflexology follows the Eastern thought of helping with Stagnant Qi - so sections of pain tell me of areas in my body that are unbalanced. Areas that need more attention. I thought about my conversation with Justin Coletti - who talked about how not all body work "feels good". That pain is a way of your body telling to pay closer attention to something - something you need to work though. At one point, Linda was using a smooth wooden tool to work deeper in between my big and second toe - it was the only time I jumped at her pressure. So I had to ask "What does that area mean?" she responded "Your head. You aren't getting enough sleep and your head is working too hard too long" I started to laugh, and she asked what was funny - I told her I was a student. She responded "Ah! Yes. That would be right!" When I left - I felt very different than when I walked in. My feet and legs themselves felt full and warm. Like I was walking on little clouds through Little Italy! But not only my feet felt better! My shoulders were relaxed, my neck and lower back were straighter - more supported than before. Emotionally - I felt that cleanse you get when you have a really good deep cry - but with out the puffy eyes and tissues. I felt released.

Loved: I loved that while Linda worked, you knew she was following the Reflexology foot map, so that I could go back a research any areas represented that I reacted to. It was good to be able to educate myself. To know that my Spine and Liver feel great but I need to take better notice of that sore Brain of mine!

Learned: I learned first hand that using Reflexology really does affect the whole self. I had known this intellectually, but now I have learned it with my entire body!


  1. I just found this place on Yelp today, and after reading the reviews I booked my first appointment for next week. If I have an experience as great as yours, I am going to make a standing appointment at this place! Really looking forward to it. Thanks for such a detailed review!

  2. We'd love to know what you think! Hope it's a great treatment and that you leave with happy feet!


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