September 30, 2009

A List of Things Coming Up!

A list of things to come on Mending Hands for the Month of October!

1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This Sunday, I am off to lend a hand along side the AMTA to help with a grateful rubdown on the participants of 200+ mile ride for Hershey's Tour de Pink! Check out the details with the Young Survival Coalition HERE!

2. Last night, I was given a beautifully skilled massage by Rachel Beider, LMT - Owner of Massage Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Her massage will soon be featured in Spa Scoop followed by a post of the delightfully enthusiastic conversation we had in Meeting of the Massage Minds. Let me just say, that this Massage Therapist and entrepreneur has a lot to be proud of - she is doing not only her clients, but the Massage Therapy profession a great deal of good!

3. I have my Swedish Institute Clinic Dates! It's the first time in our training where we are having the experience to work our relaxing massage skills on the public. I am very much looking forward to this part of school - So I hope to have fun or at least interesting notes to share with as I complete my sessions.

4. I just had a massive book shopping spree - so there will more more random facts and info to pass along as I continue my extra curricular learning!

5. Spa Week is coming up!

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