April 16, 2010

Spring Break!

All the exams for Term Three have been conquered! But before I move on to my fourth and final term of massage therapy school, I have a few weeks break from school.

During that time I will be taking a wee break from the Mending Hands blog. I'm also taking a breather from Facebook and Twitter (but feel free to Fan and Follow Mending Hands for when we return in May!)

Happy Spring Everyone!

April 07, 2010

Text Message Tendonitis

Thenar Tendonitis and Text Messaging - By Ronda Wimmer, PhD, MS, LAc, ATC, CSCS, CSMS, SPS

As technology advances and computer chips get smaller, we move into an age once thought only to be science fiction. Who knew we would be using a device that resembles something you would see in Star Trek.

Today, cell phones actually are mini-computer processors and text messaging has become second nature for many. Unfortunately, problems come with this new reality.

The design of these phones forces certain hand positions, thus creating overuse injuries. Although this injury is not considered mainstream, constant text messaging will lead to thenar tendonitis. By understanding the mechanisms from both sports medicine and Chinese medicine perspectives, we can anticipate and prevent the injury. Although our society tends to treat from a symptom-based protocol, educating the general population is key for prevention. (It's usually not until patients experience pain that they bring it to the attention of their doctor.)

As with anything not substantiated with research, this is not technically considered a problem. Treatment protocols will not be in place until there are enough replicated studies and individuals presenting with the signs and symptoms. The reality is the more technologically advanced we become, the more patients will present with thenar tendonitis and pathologies.

April 03, 2010

Baby Bunny Massage

Happy Easter!

April 01, 2010

Monthly Essentials: April

Tea tree oil  (melaleuca alternifolia) has been used in traditional medicine for many generations. In the 1920's this versatile agent was recorded by researcher Arthur Penfold and the medical world took note. It became a common yet powerful player in holistic health! 

Tea tree oil is distilled from the leaves of an Australian plant and has an astounding amount of punch for so many issues! What makes tea tree oil so interesting?  It is one of the few substances that has the distinct honor of being effective against bacteria, fungi AND viruses...

What can tea tree oil help?