July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Mending Hands!

 Celebrate ALL August Long!
Mending Hands Massage Therapy will be raffling off some gifts this month. Clients that come for a session in the month of August can enter their name to win!

A FREE 60 Minute Massage

You will be allowed to enter your name for each visit - so the more sessions you receive - the better your chances to win!*

But that's not all!
Back by popular demand -  Book a 90 minute massage & get a Foot Loose treatment for FREE! Treatment includes a hot towel wrap for your tired toes - then cool them off with an extended cooling peppermint foot massage!**

*winners will be contacted directly & prize will be redeemable for a year from the date of the drawing. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or freebies.
**Offer only valid with the purchase of a 90 minute session. Can be added if using a series but will not be combined with any other discount or freebie time. Must mention offer at booking. Valid 7/1/11 - 8/30/11

July 23, 2011

Research Shows Massage Therapy Lessens Stress

Many massage clients turn to massage therapy to feel relaxed and stress-free. In new research, investigators in Sweden set out to evaluate the effects of massage on the stress responses of healthy volunteers.

In this crossover design including 22 (mean age 28.2) healthy volunteers (11 male and 11 female), cardiac autonomic tone was measured by heart rate and heart rate variability. Stress hormone levels (cortisol) were followed in saliva, according to an abstract published on www.pubmed.gov. The investigators also measured blood glucose and serum insulin. Extracellular levels of glucose, lactate, pyruvate and glycerol were followed using the microdialysis technique. Massage was performed on hands and feet for 80 minutes. During control, participants rested in the same setting.

July 13, 2011

Helping Children Find Focus: Massage Calms ADHD

Imagine lying on a massage table. As your massage therapist sets to work, you feel your body relax. Your muscles soften, your nervous system calms. Now, imagine how you feel when the massage is over--relaxed, alert, calm, and content.

Anyone who has gotten a massage understands the many benefits that it offers. Massage is usually reserved for adults--or sometimes infants--but what about massage for kids and adolescents? If massage helps calm the body and improve alertness, how might it help kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Can children and teenagers who can't sit still benefit from massage?

July 04, 2011

Fertility Massage: Mind-Body Awareness Increases Fertility Rates

There is no doubt that undergoing infertility treatment is stressful, with high rates of anxiety and depression reported by many patients. Mind-body therapies designed to help women reduce stress earlier in the treatment process result in higher pregnancy rates, but little is known specifically about the impact of these therapies on women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).