March 30, 2011

Knuckle Cracking 101

Bodyworkers are one of the many types of professionals who physically and repeatedly rely on hand strength and dexterity for optimal work performance. Knuckle cracking is an unconscious custom practiced by many who rely on their hands in an attempt to loosen or relax the phalanges.
Controversy has long surrounded the benefit and/or detriment of knuckle cracking. While some claim the end result of knuckle cracking is arthritic hands, others tout it as a completely normal and healthy act. Whether you do it yourself, administer treatments to or simply care for a chronic cracker, being familiar with the anatomy, physiology and possible pathology of this habit can help in sorting out the details of this on-going debate.
What occurs during knuckle cracking?

March 28, 2011

Bouquet of the Day!

We are so very excited to announce that Hibiscus Flowershop will be providing stunning floral bouquets for all the Mending Hands Massage Therapy clients to enjoy as they walk through the door! We are thrilled about this collaboration and will be sharing the latest bouquets with you every time one is perfectly placed in the room. Not only will Hibiscus Flowershop be brightening our days with their wonderful flowers - we have some partnered discounts in the works for Mother's Day and beyond! 

Mending Hands loves partnering up with other Brooklyn small businesses like Hibiscus Flowershop and we love being able to share them with you!

March 24, 2011

6 Secret Foods for Instant Stress Relief

What happens when we’re under stress?

You might have read the list already. It includes a racing heart, head spinning and perhaps you feel dizzy or lightheaded. A knot grabs your stomach and makes you feel nauseous. These are the symptoms you can easily recognize.

There are others that you don’t see.

They include an increase in adrenaline, blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure. Although your respiration rate increases, it’s not healthy breathing. Breaths are shallow and short. This causes toxins like carbon dioxide and lactates to build up in your system, triggering anxiety and more stress.

Many people crave junk food or sugar for instant stress relief. A sugar jolt might feel good at the time, but it will further raise your blood’s already high sugar levels, increasing your risk of developing diabetes. Carbonated drinks aggravate the carbon dioxide and lactates that are already building up in your system.

One of the best responses for instant stress relief is to eliminate these detrimental foods from your diet and switch to helpful ones.

March 20, 2011

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

Mending Hands Massage Therapy is very excited take a moment to focus on expert Prenatal and Postnatal Massage! Mending Hands has advanced certification in childbearing cycle massage to comfort you in all three terms as well as after giving birth. With an amazingly comfortable cushion system - let's get you moms-to-bed feeling better during such an important and wonderful time! For some more great info on when and why to get a pregnancy massage, check out this post from the past.

A glowing testimonial from a new mom:

I first went to Melissa for a pre-natal massage and the experience was so wonderful that I set up a weekly appointment. I was having a lot of pain in my hips and she miraculously relieved the pain and gave me great tips on staying comfortable while pregnant. I so looked forward to the time of relaxation every week...and the baby loved it too, he would kick like crazy! I have been back since having my baby and it was just as wonderful. Melissa is so accommodating...highly recommend to moms and moms-to-be!
Kim A - Producer