December 05, 2009

A List of End of Term Shenanigans!

1. Monday, December 7th - Palpation II Final

2. Tuesday, December 8th - Anatomy & Physiology II Test

3. Thursday, December 10th - Sports Massage & Tools of Assessment Practical & Written Final

4. Sunday, December 13th - Drawing for the Housing Works Raffle!

5.  Monday, December 14th - Swedish II Practical Final

6. Wednesday, December 16th - Anatomy & Physiology II Final

7. Friday, December 18th - Shiatsu Final

I've always had respect for Licensed Massage Therapists - but looking at these next 2 weeks, I respect their time, effort, dedication and love for healing the human body even more. LMT's have a lot to be proud of - and I'm excited to be almost one term closer to officially joining their team!


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