October 23, 2009

A List of Weekend Plans!

Just a little update on my journey to becoming a Massage Therapist!

1. Tonight I am headed to my first Off-Site Clinic Massage! I am heading up to Mount Sinai Medical Center to spend a few hours massaging the Emergency Room staff. It's going to be exciting to give back to those who are in a constant state of helping others. Plus, get some great hands on learning to become a better chair massage practitioner!

2.  Next week harbors my Neurology Final and my Tools of Assessment Midterm! So there will be a whole lot of studying (and less blogging...but I'll be back in action once I ace my exams!)

3. Saturday I have my second session with the Swedish Institute's on site Clinic. I had my first assignment a few weeks ago, working with two clients back to back! The first, being a wonderful experience - the body that trusted me to learn from was very different than the body types I have been practicing with thus far. I hope to be able to help any one with any kind of body that comes to me - so Clinic is helping both my head and my hands. The second was a test to my professionalism. The next client was proof that in the massage therapy field - you must be client centered, even if you find that client to have the kind of personality or demeanor that might not make it so easy. It's a modality where all people are welcome to seek health and healing. So a therapist has to be ready to deal with many kinds of personalities that will come their way.

It's a big weekend for me! Lot's of massage, lots of new people and lots of studying to do to keep me full steam ahead! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

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