September 21, 2009

Happy World Reflexology Week!

This is the week that the global community supports, celebrates and spreads the word about this wonderful healing practice! The Association of Reflexologists in the UK has a great site that provides us with more information about Reflexology. The have research on some common ailments that Reflexology is used to treat - even providing fact sheets for more details on the following issues! Please check them out for more details:

Allergies - Fact sheet

Back Pain - Fact sheet

Cancer - Fact sheet

Digestive system - Fact sheet

Headache - Fact sheet

Musculoskeletal - Fact sheet

Neurological Problems -Fact sheet

Pregnancy - Fact sheet

Reproductive System - Fact sheet

Skin Problems - Fact sheet

Stress & Anxiety - Fact sheet

Urinary System - Fact sheet

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