November 22, 2009

Barnes and Noble donates to the Housing Works Raffle

The Park Slope Barnes and Noble just let us know that they are supporting the Mending Hands Housing Works Raffle by sending a paperback copy of  Brooklyn Storefronts by Paul Lacy! I love this book...Love, Love, LOVE this book!

A colorful celebration of New York’s wonderfully diverse and popular borough. What do the Bari Pork Store (King of the Sausage), the Los Doctores Tires Shop, the Great Eagle Photo Company, and the St. Jude Religious Articles shops have in common? If you were Paul Lacy, they would be among the hundreds of storefronts you photographed on bicycle trips throughout Brooklyn. Over the years Lacy has managed to capture every conceivable type of shop, decorated with spectacular and wildly varied signs and displays and representing countless ethnic groups. A more colorful array of graphics, both amateur and professional, is unimaginable. Brooklyn’s storefronts are a vibrant canvas that reflects the changing trends and distinct character of this dynamic community. You don’t have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy this book—playful while documenting a fast-changing scene, it transcends geography to speak to anyone with an interest in urban culture.

Make a Donation  - Only $6 a raffle ticket! The drawing for these prizes will be on December 13th. Check out the details of all the prizes: Brooklyn Flavors, Mary KayLittle Bean Embroidery, Jenna Esposito and Chocolove!

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