December 15, 2009

Anatomy In Motion

Earlier this week Mografi released Night Light NYC (a beautiful iPhone/iPod touch app that shows you the changing colors of the Empire State Building and the meanings behind them) and with the launch of this app some more projects were unveiled...

Mending Hands is proud to give the massage therapy world a sneak peek of Anatomy In Motion! A stunningly designed Myology iPhone/iPod touch app being released by Mografi! This portable myology reference guide of over 125 muscle groups will include the ability to focus on one muscle at a time. To have a clear view of the origin and insertion, then be able to layer the whole muscle group to see how they work together!

Anatomy In Motion also features individual animations for every action in a muscle group!

The flash card aspect of  Anatomy In Motion will provide the name, origin, insertion, joint acted on, action, nerve and artery. And when you have studied up -  Anatomy In Motion tests you....

How well do you know your muscles?

Rumor has it that Anatomy In Motion will be in beta testing at the beginning of February 2010, how do I know? Because I happen to be one of the members of the Mografi team! We are looking for people who might want to help beta test this awesome new educational app. If you want to help test Anatomy In Motion let me know - We need experts like you to make it the best we can! or

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