March 25, 2010

Massaging like a Rock Star

Some parents dread the day their child falls in with the wrong crowd — the rebels, the dopers, the drop outs — but what happens when your daughter goes on tour with one of the world's biggest rock stars?

March 23, 2010

Fans, Friends and Finals - Oh My!

Mending Hands has been a little less active lately...

This has very much been the hardest term for the Massage Therapy program at the Swedish Institute. I have finals coming up for the classes I am trying to conquer (list posted Here) but we've got some great info in the works to share soon.

We would also like to invite you to become a Mending Hands FAN or a FRIEND of Melissa on Facebook. Mending Hands is also on Twitter - which will be a great place to hear about deals and specials to keep you relaxed and refreshed with a Mending Hands massage!

Thanks to everyone who joins the Mending Hands online community - we will be happy to return the favor os support!

March 17, 2010

Meeting of the Massage Minds: Patti McGee

This Meeting of the Massage Minds interview is one that I am honored to host. A few weeks ago I shared a phone call with a strong, brave woman. A mother who has proved herself a cancer survivor, a humanitarian and a shining star to those around her. She has been given an amazing new page in life and with that new chapter - among many adventures, she decided to become a massage therapist. A person and a choice I knew needed to be celebrated here on Mending Hands.

Patti McGee, of Onieda New York, was diagnosed seven years ago with breast cancer. Mentioned in the article where I first heard about Patti...

March 11, 2010

Shared Learning - Olivia Rosewood

5 Minute Massage for Noticeably Less Stress

As a massage therapist, my favorite past time is massaging myself. When I'm stuck in traffic, for example, instead of grumbling and stressing out, I try to use my time in a more helpful way. My favorite traffic massage is the neck press. (Keep your eyes on the road, mind you!) But it's just so simple and a great relief.

First: simply drop your right ear toward your right shoulder. This is a nice stretch all by itself. Then, press energy and peace into your neck with the heel (the part fleshy part of your palm closest to your wrist) of your right hand into the big muscle stretching from your ear to your collar bone on the left side of your neck. It's an easy muscle to find, especially if you have a life, a job, or children (or, in other words: stress). Press and release several times, increasing circulation and undoing tension. 

Be sure to repeat on the other side. And always remember to breathe when you massage!

First seen HERE:

March 01, 2010

Monthly Essentials: March

Did you know there are two kinds of Clover? Both red clover and white clover can be found in Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa, North America and Australia and has been used as a medical herb for many generations. Of the two breeds, the red clover has a stronger consistency of valuable nutrients that make this wee green leafed plant a restorative gem!

Through out history this lucky little flora has shown healing help with the following issues: