October 30, 2011

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October 19, 2011

Massage After Exercise May Speed Muscle Recovery

Does sports massage after intense exercise speed muscle recovery? While athletes of every kind use sports massage, the hard research into whether and how it works has been sparse. But a 2008 study by Ohio State University researchers found evidence that Swedish massage improved the time it took for the muscle to recover and the massaged muscles had less damage and less evidence of swelling and inflammation.
Massage Study Tests Muscle Recovery
The four-day study was performed on rabbits rather than humans. They were sedated and their muscles put through simulated exercise. The test group of rabbits then received simulated massage while a control group didn't get massage. The massage imitated Swedish massage techniques, which are the most popular for sports massage with long strokes, kneading, friction, and joint movement. After the exercise and massage, the researchers tested the muscle tissues of all of the animals. The specific muscle tested was the anterior tibialis, which in humans is the shin muscle that often complains with shin splint1 pain when you begin or change your walking program.
Massaged Muscles Showed Improved Recovery
The difference in strength recovery between massaged muscles was significant - 60% strength compared to 15% for the non-massaged muscles. The researchers also saw that the massaged muscles had fewer damaged muscle fibers and no sign of white blood cells present to repair muscle damage. The massaged muscles showed less sign of swelling, weighing 8% less than the non-massaged muscles.
Previous Human Study Didn't Find Recovery Effect
While the rabbits showed some effects of improved muscle recovery from massage, a previous study of human cyclists published in the April, 2004 issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that there was no measurable effect in the ability of their leg muscles to perform after either of leg massage or resting recovery. But the cyclists reported less fatigue after massage.
Should You Get Sports Massage?
This study suggests there is a benefit to sports massage after a hard exercise workout. Walkers training for a half marathon or marathon may benefit from sports massage after their long workouts.

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October 11, 2011

Massage makes for happier, healthier, calmer babies!

Hundreds of local parents are getting their infants massages — just for the health of it.
Premature infants who receive massage generally recover faster from health problems, according to "Massage Today" magazine. This is because infant massage can reduce pain in premature babies, decrease stress levels and help them heal faster. It can also help underweight infants gain weight faster by speeding up their gut mobility and making them hungrier.
Research also shows that babies who receive massages sleep better, have a stronger immune system, have fewer digestive problems and are less likely to get sick.

October 03, 2011

Open on Columbus Day!

Celebrate your health at Mending Hands Massage Therapy! I will be taking appointments on your day off! E-mail for your session on Columbus Day - Monday, Oct. 10th

Space is limited, so book now: melissa@mendinghands.com