September 01, 2009

A List of Good Things

A list of some things I am smiling about today...

1. I have officially been accepted to full time status at the Swedish Institute and am excited to extend my learning to 5 days a week!

2. For the first time in my life, I was required....required!!! to buy white pants. The good part is that they are part of my Public Clinic Uniform for next semester and they are also required to be Karate pants - which makes them a little more tough and awesome!

3. I have new business cards! Mainly to promote this blog - but hey, why not be excited about that?

4. I have put some feelers out to do some volunteer work with other massage therapists and wellness resources. So I'll keep my fingers crossed that something will work out and more opportunities will pop up.

5. I have a week left of summer vacation. Although I will very much enjoy that time I am also ready to get back into class!

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