September 07, 2009

Spa Scoop: nyacutherapy - Justin Coletti

Justin Coletti possesses the attitude, energy and openness that I would wish for everyone to experience with a therapeutic treatment. I was honored that he responded to my call for interviews - and he will be the first featured in Meeting of the Massage Minds! Not only did I get to sit and pick his brains about where he has come and where he is going as an LMT, Acupressist and pursuer of a Masters in Health Science and Acupuncture - he provided a treatment!

Type: Acupressure
Time: 60 mins
Price: $90 (Home visits and Session Series Prices offered as well at

Sight: Justin came to work with me at my home, so I was very comfortable. What I can speak on is how you can see the knowledge and dedication he has for the physical act of his work. When we were discussing how body workers give themselves treatments while giving others work I saw his point. He shows how using a Martial Arts Horse Stance to work low, with alignment and strength - you are also stretching the multitudes of meridians that run along both the anterior and posterior legs. He moved into these postures with a quality that comes with someone who has learned how to trust and use his body smartly.

Sound: Again, we were in my home - and since this session was right after our conversation - I was filled with questions about what exactly he was doing that felt so unique. He explained that along with the two Bladder lines (running down the back at 1.5 cun and 3 cun from the Conception Vessel) there is a third set of points - The Huatuojiaji. We haven't even learned about these Tsubos yet, but Justin was happy to explain that they lie .5 cun from the Governing Vessel and are considered Extra Points as they don't partner up with an organ meridian. He uses them as a great place release stagnant Qi.

Smell: The fresh breeze of the a last days of summer...

Taste: I had been drinking water with lemon slices all day. I know that it is good for me, but feel like it might make me more thirsty some times. I thought of this when during Justin's observational intake - which started with him pressing his finger tips to my wrist to read my pulse and energy and he also looked at my tongue to learn more. I thought about how what we taste and consume everyday would show it's mark (healthy or unhealthy) to Justin and help him find and address any imbalance in the body.

Touch: There seems to be a healing warmth that come with Justin's hands. He mainly focused on my back, but gave attention to certain Lung points too. He lead me in some very helpful stretches and ended with contact on my Yin Tang Point (which is located near the Third Eye) As he worked, I could feel him employing all parts of himself - his physical control, his open spirit, the knowledge he has worked hard to learn, his willingness to learn from each body he works with and a gentleness that made me believe he is a healer. The acupressure work that Justin does is truly therapeutic. One of the statements he made in the interview (just to give you a teaser) was when I asked him what was something he wished his clients would know before they began the work: "One treatment is not going to be enough...we are working through an issue, so we are working it Mind, Body and Soul. That takes readiness and time." He followed it up with saying that the growing and healing that happens with his work is for his clients "The change is for you" he says, so it is "something that should be committed to". And trust me, Justin Coletti will be committed with you.

Loved: I love the support that happened with this session. I love that Justin donated his time, knowledge and energy to Mending Hands with an excitement to teach and learn. I am grateful to have opened this door with him and hope we will learn more from each other from here on out!

Learned: Beyond this long post I just did? Stay turned for our interview in Meeting of the
Massage Minds later this week!

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