March 19, 2013

I deserve regular massages. So do you!

Moving is stressful. I don't care if you are packing up a studio apartment and moving to a one bedroom a mere two blocks away or packing up a whole house then trekking off miles and miles and miles. 

Moving is stressful.

This move, leaving behind all of my amazing friends and beautiful Brooklyn clients, as well as the city I called home for over a decade has guessed it, stressful. I manage the Facebook for our myology app Anatomy In Motion and have posted many articles and info graphics about how unhealthy too much stress is for you. 

So we are trying to manage it. It's difficult. Between unpacking, the aches and pains of being first time homeowners, studying for new exams, marketing/supporting/handling customer relations for Anatomy In Motion, finding a new home for Mending Hands and making it my own, hosting many beach bound buddies, launching my new marketing plan for my private practice, PLUS all the emotional stress that comes with big changes and leaving those you love.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again.

We are trying to make the sound choices of eating healthy, getting exercise, sleeping when our bodies demand it and breathing in the sea air when we can. All the while earning lots of patience points with plumbers, contractors, the state department and each other. We are trying to take everything one step at a time.

As a massage therapist, I have had years of receiving regular massages. I would hardly ever go more that 2 weeks without getting a treatment. Since moving, I have not been getting massages as regularly. I have been trying different places. Some are on my list of places to go back to and others are not.  The fact is,  I have not been going as often as I should and my physical and mental health have been affected. When my TMJ pained jaw started clicking daily, I took it as final reminder that not only do I believe in the benefit of massage for others, I believe in the benefits of massage for myself! 

So, I'm back on my every 2 weeks schedule of GETTING a massage! It's the times in life you are most stressed, most exhausted, more depleted that you need to carve out the time to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Yes, I meant that in all caps. 

As massage therapists, it is so easy to encourage our clients to take stress management and self care seriously. We ask them to invest in it. So consider this post a reminder to you as well! Stress can, and will, add up. So invest in YOURSELF too. Our clients deserve regular massages, and so do we. 

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