March 30, 2013

Supporting Sarasota!

Mending Hands Massage Therapy is pretty excited to be partnering up some local small businesses! I started this tradition in Brooklyn, and it was such a fun and loved gesture that I am continuing here is Sarasota! 

Small businesses supporting small businesses is awesome. 

Every Mending Hands client goes home with a what I call a "Take Home and Take Care" gift! This little box of goodies has some gifts from me; a self massage tool, epsom salts, a few bags of tea, etc.   What they also get is a few samples, coupons and other contributions from other local businesses!  I'm excited to announce a few of the super cool companies that are already adding to these gifts. 

First up Sunny Day Soap!  All of their soaps are handmade from scratch with natural oils such as olive, coconut, organic palm and castor bean. Then they add organic shea, cocoa butters and jojoba oil just to make it that much more wonderful! Each gift will include one of the following soaps:

Eucalyptus Mint
Essential oil blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint with mint leaf

Natural Sunshine
Lemongrass with a touch of lavender essential oils and calendula petals

Just reading that smells amazing! 

Other fabulous contributors include:

Sunny Style Interiors: Who will being waiving an initial consultation fee for all Mending Hands clients!

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style". Billy Baldwin 
Contact HERE:

Artisan Cheese Company
Artisan Cheese Company offers hand-cut to order artisanal and farmstead cheeses from across the region, the country and Europe. We stock other lovelies such as interesting oils, salts, honeys, jams and chutneys, to share with guests, or for just you, or to have on hand in your larder. We'll advise you as needed, or leave you alone to browse.
Don't know cheese, don't be afraid! We'll guide you to the perfect stinker, or the gooiest bloomy bit of magic.
More collaborators are in the works! If you have a business in Sarasota (or close by) that might be a great fit for this partnership, feel free to contact

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