September 04, 2010

First Week in the Real World of Massage

We here at Mending Hands are taking a break. Not for too long, just long enough!

But before I go, I thought I would leave a List!

A List of "First Week in the Real World of Massage Things"

1. Massaged a beautifully strong cancer survivor

2. Worked on an amazing LMT for her birthday

3. Gave a full hour sinus specialty massage

4. Had my first couples massage (in fact - 3 in one day!)

5. Experienced my first "no show"

6. Attended a TMJ workshop and got to practice inter-oral massage

7. Gave the most massages I have given in one day thus far

8. Worked on a body builder

9. Received my first Massage Therapist Paycheck :-)

Looking forward to many more adventures when I get back!


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