September 26, 2010

The Feisty Redhead

The second Brooklyn business that is contributing to the Mending Hands client gifts celebrating your first massage with us is The Feisty Redhead! Some of you may remember how cool this company is from their generous involvement with our Housing Work Raffle  during the holiday season last year.

But did you know she's been knitting since she was 6 years old?

Or that she works for Martha Stewart and has been featured on their craft blog many a times?

And that over the past week she has offered up the best homemade cowls each day on her Etsy site to get you set for some cold winter days?

You get to take home a one of a kind product kitted up by The Feisty Redhead in your Thank You from Mending Hands!

So, that's beautiful handmade crafts from The Feisty Redhead, 2 FREE sessions with Very Personal Training  and more local business surprises to be revealed soon - so stay tuned!

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