May 09, 2010

Mending Hearts

A few years ago my mother survived an Aortic Dissection.

Her Aorta (the major artery of the heart) started to separate (in a spiral - I remember a doctor saying) from my mothers heart. Emergency open heart surgery (with all the bells and whistle of helicopter transport and me getting a call at Martha Stewart saying I needed to come to my home state - Now! ) some medical miracles and a few days of hazy life later - she woke up. She knew who I was and wanted to eat a whole lot of Popsicles.

In the hospital, I saw how the nurses used body work - stretches, tapotment, effleurage to get my mom's body systems working for her again.

When she came home, she was in so much pain. He back, having been stretched due to how they manipulate the ribcage during open heart surgery, was one of the places she said she felt the most pain. We had moved my childhood bed downstairs for her recovery, I crawled in behind her and just began to rub...

She felt relief. She felt connected. And eventually, she healed.

This, is one of the main reason I am becoming a massage therapist.

I have always been a fan of massage therapy. I had felt how it had made a difference in my mind, body and spirit. Yet it was this time with my mom, the time I used my heart and my hands to give her support in healing that planted the biggest seed.


  1. What a beautiful story, My own momma is the reason why I became a massage therapist also, but it transpired over many years, 5 back surgeries, one of which caused her to become an insulin dependent (4-5 shots daily) diabetic over night,unfortunately it took her life 6 years ago, but I did get to help her through massage and Reiki
    for a while <3
    I love what are hands are able to do that facilitates such love and healing~
    By the way, nice to meet you ;D
    You friended me on

  2. Melissa_ I have to thank you for your"mending hands" and your HUGE mending heart. You mean so much to me!



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