October 21, 2010

A Good Cry

Massage therapy has been known to be a great release of adhesions, trigger points, muscle cramps, tensions and contractions. This week I was witness (many times in fact) to another kind of human release that can be just as healthful.

A good cry.

I use this blog to share facts, research and scientific support for the amazing ways that massage therapy can help a person. This post is coming from my journey as a therapist.
I have had times in my life where I needed the physical and emotional release that comes with a good cry. I have walked into a massage therapist's office and said "I'm really stressed out right now, so I might cry." and during the massage, as my body was eased into relaxation - the cry that needed to happen  - happened.

Now, as the therapist on the other side of the statement "I'm really emotional and I came for a massage to calm down", I feel honored that my soothing work is part of their self care and comfort. Of course one has to check in and make sure the tears are part of their moment, and by no means caused by the work itself.

It feels good to cry sometimes. Being a part of the healing that can come from a good cry is one of the many ways massage therapy is exactly that - therapy.

So, don't be self conscience if you come for a session and you are welling up over the stresses in your life. Crying during a massage out of emotional release is human.

That's one of my favorite parts of my job - celebrating humanness :-)


  1. Good for you that you know when a good cry is on the horizon and necessary.

    It's hard for me to acknowledge when I'm stressed out since I fear that I'm going to fall apart with said acknowledgement.

    I went for a massage this afternoon and the MT was *shocked* by how tight my neck and shoulders were.

    I'm all better, though, because she worked some serious magic. :)

  2. this post comes in a timely manner. thank you.

  3. 'Drea - So glad that you found relief with you massage! Don't be too hard on yourself about being stressed. Adding more stress with stress is not going help. When in doubt - Breath!

    Jen - your welcome, from one crier to another :-)


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