January 17, 2014

Gladiators and Babies

The other week I had the pleasure of receiving a massage (I do my best to practice what I preach!) and I experienced something I'm sure many clients have felt. I experienced the physical juxtaposition of being both a Gladiator and a Baby -  when it came to pressure. See, my upper back, shoulders, hands and feet love, and I mean LOVE, very deep pressure. My sacrum, calves and the little area on the armpit edge of my scapula (the muscles known as teres major and minor) need the tenderist of care. Those areas are most suited to be coddled.

This is is why I check in with my clients about pressure and why I encourage them to speak up during their session. 

It's a great start to say "I live for deep pressure!" or "Ya know, I want to feel relaxed and breezy. Not like I'm being beaten up." Sharing that kind of request and expectation is essential to getting the kind of massage you want. 

It's also important to acknowledge not only is every client different - various area's of the body feel pressure differently, too. Furthermore, even regular clients can have different levels of sensitivity each time they come in!  

So many factors contribute to how the body feels pressure. Time of day, stress levels, recent physical activity, hormonal changes, even weather can contribute to your body's sensitivity level. And that is just fine. It's human

So don't judge yourself if some of the areas being worked on are more touchy than others. Don't be afraid to communicate those details to your massage therapist whenever you feel the need to especially if I have the honor of hosting you on my table! 

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