May 28, 2013

Fertility & Pregnancy Massage at Mending Hands

As a massage therapist, we are required to do continuing education classes to keep us thinking, growing and learning ways to help our clients. When I got out of massage therapy school, I knew which CE was first on my list! Prenatal and postnatal massage (or pregnancy massage) was the very first advanced certification I earned after completing my degree.


I have been honored to massage moms-to-be in New York City over the years and am excited to continues this work here is Sarasota! The benefits of pregnancy massage have had a hugely positive impact on mom and developing baby. Please check out some of those details HERE.  I have worked with smooth pregnancies, high risk pregnancies and all the bumpy roads in between. I have also had full term clients come for labor induction support sessions and partners who have joined them to learn ways to help their loved one with pain management and stress reduction during labor. It's amazing how just an hour of couples training can help keep parents and family connected and helpful during labor and birth.  Every pregnancy is different. Every expectant family comes with their own journey. This is one of the many reasons I find prenatal and postnatal sessions so rewarding. 

As my massage practice grew, I started to work with clients who were having difficulty getting pregnant. I had read that specialized fertility massage in partnership with a conscience conception routine could help. I signed up for an intensive course with Clair Marie Miller and gained a huge wealth of knowledge about how conception is impacted by many things in life. As a LMT I learned techniques to use with clients that support conception and can share natural and holistic ways to improve the chances! I earned my certification in Fertility Massage and have been helping couples try to grow their families ever since. One of my favorite phrases is: 

I want babies for those who want them!

 I mean that in every way possible!  Yes, I have had successful treatments and encourage prospective clients to ask me all kinds of questions. I'm a bit of a massage nerd and this work is no exception.  A little more about the fertility package:

Includes Fertility Consultation, Self Care Kit and a Series of Four 60 minute massages This unique and effective massage session will include fertility awareness, self care guidance and a personal consultation on ways to realistically prepare to conceive with consciousness. 

A four session commitment is required for woman trying to conceive. Partners are more than welcome for the initial session consultation. Massages can (and should!) be used as prenatal sessions if a conception has taken place.

I am the only licensed massage therapist in the greater Sarasota area that is certified in both fertility and pregnancy massage and I look forward to working with you or your loved one!

Summer special valid from June 1 - July 31st, 2013. 
E-mail to secure your sessions. 
Must mention this promotion when booking. Cannot be combined with any other offers or freebies.

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