November 08, 2011

New Service: Dry Brush Advanced Care Massage!

The newest service at Mending Hands is just in time for the cold weather skin doldrums - Dry Brush Advanced Care Massage!

Using dry brush gloves - experience the benefits of detoxification, increased circulation, cellulite reduction and glowing skin. After warming and exfoliating your skin, heated therapeutic towels will be applied to relax your hard working muscles. This delightful session also lets you enjoy a relaxing swedish massage with moisturizing lavender infused oil!

Cellulite Reduction
Dry brushing can help stimulate circulation in the underlying tissues of the area being treated and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Skin brushing helps to diminish cellulite by bringing nutrients and oxygen up to the skins surface from the dermis layer to the epidermis. This helps to even out the dimply appearance of cellulite and restore a healthy glow to the skin.

Glowing Skin
Dry brushing the skin has a profound effect on the skins' health and glow. It sloughs off dead skin cells, thus revealing the new skin cells underneath. Dry brushing helps the skin "breathe" by opening up the pores to allow more oxygen into the skin, which makes the skin appear healthier and rejuvenated. By removing the dead skin cells and improving circulation under the skins' surface on a regular basis, the skin will respond with a healthy glow.

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, our skin is meant to release up to 2 lbs. of toxins each day. If the pores are clogged, their function is diminished, and the toxins can be stored in the body. 
Dry brushing helps to remove the dead skin cells blocking the release of toxins through the pores. Once the dead skin is exfoliated, the pores are open and can expel toxins more easily. Dry brushing increases circulation of the lymphatic system, which helps the body detox through the skin, and other elimination systems within the body.

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