June 13, 2010

A list of Great Weekend Happenings!

It's been a whiles since I've blogged a little about what is going on in my massage world! I've had a great couple of days - so why not share them on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

1. I signed up of for the Swedish Institute's The Ultimate Review © ™: A Proven and Effective Course Review for Massage Therapy Licensure. I take my New York State Board exam about a week after my last day of class and I want to be more than prepared to pass that exam!

2. I finished my reflexology min-course and have started Polarity.  People seem to have strong opinions about this work one way or the other. Thus far, I like the idea and find that the way my mind works while giving a Shiatsu session is already wondering down that path. Thinking in color = a great way to make connections with intention.

3. I was given the chance to work on a therapist with over 20 years of experience. She is the owner of a very successful massage based spa (and the place I very much hope to be employed as a LMT!) She has received massages from all of the therapists that have ever interviewed for her company and has most likely given thousands of massages herself. She knows what she is talking about. She's the real deal. Knowing that I am still a student, she was happy to give me very honest, relevant and important advice. I've got some stuff to work on and I'm excited to explore before our next session.

4.  Today was my last off site as a student! We were volunteering to do massages on long term residents of an extended care facility in Brooklyn. Most of our clients were wheelchair bound and to be able to have physical contact with this group was a gift. Evey one of my clients was excited to participate and grateful to have this bunch of students there for the afternoon. Massage therapy is very much about connecting to people. Working with these folks today has made we look further into working with our older population.

5. I've been doing some research and making some marketing plans for Mending Hands the company! I am looking forward to sharing it with you when I get that offical license number!

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