February 18, 2010

Shared Learning - Karina Braun

I came across this article about self care as a massage therapist. It gives therapists a helpful angle to how we should view the work that we do, and how to take care of ourselves while we do it!

Think Like an Athlete

Think of yourself as an athlete. Manual therapy demands skill, strength and endurance, just like a track and-field runner or baseball player. The symptoms of overtraining include fatigue, lack of energy, pain, insomnia and depression. Rest is essential for the treatment of overtraining. You can take your resting heart rate in the morning, and if it is higher than the day before, you may not have recovered from the previous day.

To prevent physical burnout, follow these tips:
Stretch and warm up before you start your day of massage
Stretch your arms and hands between each client
Alternate your working tools
Fuel your body with proper nutrition
Utilize cryotherapy after your day of massage
Receive massage weekly or bimonthly
Clear your body’s energy daily

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