August 27, 2009

Spa Scoop: Summer Day Spa

Summer Day word: Invigorating!
Their Tui Na massage is not your close your eyes, relax and take a nap kind of work. It truly is body work!

Type: Tui Na

Time: 60 Mins

Price: $48 (this was a summer promotion, but their regular pricing is around $55)

Sight: This second story massage focused spa is right off of busy Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, New York. It was deceptively bigger than I anticipated with heavy curtains separating the run of the entire floor of the building. Dim lights, hard wood floors and and the feeling that these body workers are all about just working with bodies. While the table area are only separated by curtains, I still felt as if the space I was to be worked on was respected.

Sound: They opted for the nature Sounds meets classical style melodies. I normally have no issues with this, but with the location being on one of the busiest streets in Brooklyn - they really needed to crank it up a little to drown out delivery trucks and busy city folks.

Smell: Summer Day Spa ia neutral in the smell department. The oils we unscented and the place itself had no distinguishable smell.

Taste: A wee dixie cup of water at the end!

Touch: About 5 mins into my Tui Na massage, I thought to myself - this would be a great massage for anyone who loves the way your body feels after a massive workout! An Eastern Sports Massage! As researched, every joint was addressed. She worked on my hips, greater trochanter, and scapula with a Get In There attitude! She worked down the Bladder Meridian (it holds the Shu Points for all the meridians so it was used to move stagnate Qi through the body) My therapist used her entire body - and moved from Compression strait to Deep Tissue and stretches. She was very good at feeling my range of motion to give me a great stretch.

Constructive Criticism: I love deep work, but if you bruise easily (like I do) you should be aware that this type of work is really about working on knots and getting your alignment back in shape. Also, even through this is only the second place I am have written about - there was no chance to disclose pregnancy. Summer Day Spa does a verbal intake, and I fear that this will make some people feel unprotected.

Loved: I love the mix of Eastern and Western. That I was aware of when she was working the Bladder Meridian and the amount of Umpf! She had. Summer Day Spa is committed to fully involved work.

Learned: I learned that the use of body mechanics is really what gives you the strength to do prolonged deep work.

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