August 18, 2009

Spa Scoop: Inis Spa

Inis Spa is located in the small town of Surf City, North Carolina and let me tell you,they have really set the bar high for all the spas I plan to review when I get home to New York! I have had many massages in many levels of spas, as well as getting worked on weekly by fellow trainees, and I walked out of my session feeling as if this was one the the best massages I have been privileged to receive. Ms. M (my therapist) will have my business again if we head back to these North Carolina shores.

Type: 60 min Inis Spa Signature Massage (which included a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones and Aromatherapy)


Sight: This beach town business balances out it's decor with earth tones and warm soft light.Plus the massage tables are decked out with added padding and fuzzy blankets to make you feel warm and cozy from the minute you lay down.

Sound: Ms. M had a mix of acoustic guitar, strings and soft flutes playing calming tunes throughout my hour. It was played louder than I have experienced in other places, which made it more even more surrounding and peaceful.

Smell: Inis Spa used a few scents during the work - making a wonderful journey for my nose! The oil's scent reminded me of sweet smelling clay, followed by an eye pillow which was carrying lavender and chamomile. When my time was wrapping up, Ms. M warmed up essence of orange in her hands and encouraged me to inhale the zesty scent before massaging it into my shoulders. Just Wonderful!

Taste: There was a water cooler in the waiting area. Unlike some places with fruit infused water, nuts, dark chocolate and so on - They just provided basic cool water, but is was still very much appreciated!

Touch: Ms. M has a very nice touch and was in complete control of her pressure. You can tell when you are in the hands of someone knows what they are doing, and furthermore when they enjoy what they do. She incorporated warm moist towels, delicious hot stones and yes, I was in heaven.

Constructive Criticism: The intake form was condensed and clear. The only thing missing was a place for the Massage Therapists to confidentially ask their clients if they are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. Not everyone knows the special care a Massage Therapist will take if they know their clients are pregnant - so I was surprised this question was not asked.

Loved: So many things! I love the Aromatherapy, the use of the hot stones with effleurage and petrissage, the welcoming energy the whole place had and the price that made me feel like I was getting more for my money.

Learned: I learned a lot from Ms. M at Inis Spa. Her slow dedicated strokes made for a wonderfully relaxing massage. I reflected that I tend to work faster than she did - then realized that as a student, I have had a tendency to try and practice as much as I can with each session. I hope to be as client centered as Ms. M was when I am an LMT. I will also strive to have the confidence to slow down and enjoy giving a massage as much as I enjoy receiving the work.

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