August 12, 2009

Schools out for Summer!

The last exam of this semester is finished!

I had my practical exam for Palpation of Myology today! Palpation is the physical extension of learning Anatomy and Myology. I was already tested on the Palpation of the bones and bone features as a mid-term, so the final was all about muscles. We have learnt the names, location, actions, origins and insertions of over a hundred Muscles working in the human body. In Palpation we are asked to find and touch every individual muscle that we can reach. Some of the muscles lay deep in the layers of other muscle, so we are asked to indicate where the muscle is and what direction the fibers run. Out of the entire list, we were randomly asked between 30 and 40 muscles to Palpate on a fellow student.

I have officially passed all my exams with flying colors and can begin my Summer Vacation! I already have some ideas to keep this blog updated and growing so I’ll be back with soon with some beach side posting soon!

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