August 09, 2009

The Rub Down

Heath Care Reform.

There is a lot happening - or at least a lot being talked, bickered and bartered about with what should be done with Health Care here in the US. I don't know about you, but I welcome the idea of everyone being able to afford to go to the doctor when they need to. I lived in England a few years ago, and there I experienced injuries that warranted me taking more than a few trips to their local Emergency Room (or A&E if you will). Yep! I am one of those people who has been taken care of and nursed to health by a Government Assisted Program - and did not have to be thousands of dollars in debt to recover!

The American Massage Therapy Association released this data that US Consumers and Therapists have strong support to integrate Massage Therapy into main stream medical coverage. I'm also researching the role Alternative Medicine would play in the proposed Public Options Plan.

Massage therapists and consumers are in favor of integration of massage into healthcare.

  • Over half of adult Americans (60 percent) would like to see their insurance cover massage therapy.4
  • Ninety-six percent of massage therapists agree massage therapy should be integrated into healthcare.5
As the old adage states "Prevention is better than a cure..." it tends to be less expensive too! And lucky for us, Massage Therapy works regardless of where it is used on that timeline!

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