August 25, 2009

The Rub Down III

I have been doing some research on the positive effects that Massage Therapy has on people with health issues. I try to do a search for updated information every time a set out to do a new post and sharing this info with you will undoubtedly be a very long and interesting chain of posts!

Massage Today has offered these facts about the Benefits of Massage Therapy for those who live with HIV or AIDS:

• Reduction of stress and anxiety
• Increases White Blood Cells
• Reduces Edema
• Decrease Pain by releasing natural endorphins
• Reduces Muscle Tension
• Improves Immune System
• Reduces Inflammation
• Prevention/Reduction of Muscular Atrophy
• Reduces Depression
• Relief of Mental and Emotional Stress

Cortvia is another site that I have been following for it's great facts and news stories about the ever growing field of Massage Therapy. I found a post about the healing benefits of Massage Therapy when working with Children suffering with HIV and AIDS as well. They shine on Camp Dreamcatcher (located in Oxford, Pennsylvania) for their work with affected children and students who donate over 160 hours of massage for the week!

Both children and adults alike gain much strength, relief and immunity building energy from Massage treatments. For specific data please see this entry at

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