August 08, 2009

Welcome to the Mending Hands Blog!

My name is Melissa (hi!) and this is my blog about becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and beyond!

You will find that I love lists - so I'd thought I'd just jump right in and let the listing begin...

1. I am currently a part time student enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at The Swedish Institute: College of Health Sciences in New York City. But in a month from now, I will be starting the new semester FULL time and yes, I'm thrilled!

2. I live in Brooklyn. In the lovely Park Slope area (I am already dreaming up a private practice where me and my Trusty Table visit fellow ParkSlopians to ease their tensions and heal their headaches, one bownstone at a time...Sigh...)

3. MENDING HANDS - is the name of my (soon to be) practice. I have the website on ice for when I sit my State and National Boards in August 2010. But when you have a wonderful logo designed for you by the brilliant Joe Russ - I don't think anyone can blame me for wanting to start marketing a little early!

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